Hear a Catholic Podcast on the Book of Revelation

Sister JulieAnn Sheahan

November 16, 2011

In these final days of the current liturgical year, we’ve been reading from the Book of Revelation. Desiring to know more about this apocalyptic form of writing?  

Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity invite you to watch our latest calledtobeFranciscan youtube video featuring  St. John University, NY,  professor,  Fr. Jean-Pierre Ruiz, S.T.D., who speaks about the Book of Revelation. Father taught “Approaching The  Apocalypse: The Book of Revelation from the First Century to the Twenty-First” at Silver Lake College of the Holy Family in summer 2011.

Incorporated in this video are magestic stained glass windows representative of various locations including  St. Thomas Aquinas Church, East Lansing, MI and Holy Angels Church, West Bend, WI

Learn more about ‘The Grande Window’ pictured above by reading comments sent by pastor Father Mark Inglot. Click here.


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