What Catholic School Children Say About Tom Turkey

Paul Keggington

November 23, 2011

Believe it or not, Franciscan Sister of Christian Charity Sister Carol Seidl reported Tom Turkey’s whereabouts at a Catholic School in Sierra Vista, AZ. Healthy Tom arrived for an All Saints School Art Class for the students to sketch-weighed in at 50 pounds. Mrs. Harig, Art Teacher raised 10 of them for Thanksgiving Dinner.

First Impressions

What did the children think of their ‘live’ model? Here are some enjoyable first impressions from the aspiring artists:

  • His red flap would go up at times and it was squishy.
  • The red flap felt dry and soft.
  • His feet were like dinosaur feet.
  • He was panting a lot.
  • His feathers felt rough and the feathers changed color depending on the temperature.
  • When he was in the sun and hot his feathers were red. When he was cold they were blue.

And yet a few more observations describing the visitor’s appearance:  

  • Pretty cool! Never saw a turkey… that big-massive beak.
  • I was amazed-cool thing with his feathers-they changed colors according to the temperature.
  • The eggs were big with dots on.
  • He had blue eyes and when he blinked they turned white.
  • He poofed  his feathers up when he was scared.
  • His feathers felt like a brush.

 Followers of Francis

It is evident the children were followers of St. Francis when reading these comments: 

  • We should have said a prayer for him.
  • I’ll miss him forever.
  • He must be afraid to die.
  • He looked scared when we got near. We backed away slowly and his feathers popped themselves down.
  • The turkey was very funny! His red flap came over his nose and it shook.

From all the Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity, Happy Thanksgiving to all! The Lord bless you and your families!

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