Franciscans Comment on Coming Kateri Canonization

Paul Keggington

December 29, 2011

With great joy Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity comment on the announcement of Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha’s second miracle and the coming canonization in 2012. What an awaited new year’s gift!

Sister Kateri Cooper, Akimel O’Odham

National Kateri Conferences are held in alternating places, such as New York, where Blessed Kateri lived, in the Midwest (Milwaukee), and in the Southwest (Arizona).  And  one was held in Seattle, Washington, that I was able to attend.  At this Conference I met members of other tribes, and we became good friends.  

 It is like a miracle what Kateri did-uniting the people together—all the different tribes-forming a oneness among them.  All the Native Americans attending the Conference found themselves adapting to customs of the other tribes, not only in the area of liturgy, but in that of food, crafts, etc.  There would always be a big round of dances. 

Native Americans are very proud of Blessed Kateri; they respect her, and they look to her as a model of strength to do the right things!  So has the devotion grown to Blessed Kateri; there are a lot of individuals named Kateri in my own extended family, and there are a lot of Native Americans country-wide named Kateri!

Sister Carla Riach, San Xavier Mission,Tucson, AZ, Tohono O’odham Reservation

Everyone here is really excited about Kateri’s canonization.  “At last the Church has declared what the Native Peoples have believed for years!” I remember many people at Tekakwitha Conferences sharing stories of miracles attributed to Kateri. Medical doctors are very hesitant about saying their efforts are not working. One person even remarked that the Tekakwitha Conferences were a miracle because it drew different tribes together for one cause. Many tribes used to fight each other.

We have an active circle on the reservation. Several have said they are saving money to go for the canonization. That would be another miracle for them to raise that much money.

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