Franciscan Hymn Review: As We Gather at Your Table

Paul Keggington

January 24, 2012

Franciscan Sister of Christian Charity Sister Kathleen Murphy continues liturgical reviews in 2012 with the hymn ‘As We Gather at Your Table’ calling us to become more balanced in life. January continues to offer a freshness of perspective.

A new year brings many plans, hopes and perhaps even a call to become more balanced in life.  The hymn “As We Gather At Your Table” balances a familiar traditional melody with some new words to ponder. 

First we are called to balance the Lord’s presence coming among us in both Word and Sacrament.  It is both story and food that nourish our spirits as we go about our Christian living.  That nourishment strengthens us to bring about change for a world that increasingly resembles the Kingdom of God.

Then we are reminded of the challenge of taking our sacred experience out into our daily living.  Words such as “witness”, “ send”,  “compassion” and “forgive” urge us to action.  Yet this action is to come forth from reflection and worship.  We are to bring peace, forgiveness and a faith vision to the world we meet outside our worship space.

Finally the hymn summons us to evangelize.  We are to be the ones who invite others in the name of Jesus.  And who are we to call as guests?  The last and the least, the very ones whom Jesus so often invited to be close to Him are to find places on our guest list.

May this new year  find us bringing about a new sense of justice among those we meet each day.  May it find us reflecting on our call to bring Christian justice to all of our encounters.

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