Franciscan Hymn Review: In These Days of Lenten Journey

Paul Keggington

March 15, 2012

Upholding the Christian Social Principles, Franciscan Sister of Christian Charity Sister Kathleen Murphy reviews hymn In These Days of Lenten Journey for its  encouragement of following in the footsteps of Jesus.

In these days of Lenten journey we may do well to contemplate the song of that same title.  In These Days of Lenten Journey has abundant and clear reference to the concepts that we generally associate with “doing social justice”.  We sing about the homeless, the hungry, the weary, the poor, those who are in despair and those who are oppressed.  So what is there to reflect upon? 

The message is clear, but many of us sing this song with a detached spirit.  Perhaps we don’t encounter these kinds of people personally or on a daily basis.  Then the words become someone else’s reality.  Yet as a part of the Body of Christ, we can participate in the work of others by our prayerful support.  When we sing these words petitioning the Lord’s help for those in ministries to the poor, the homeless and the despairing, then their work becomes our own.  Singing this plea from the heart can be a powerful force for life among those who experience so much suffering.  Isn’t this the true spirit of the Lenten season?

Suggestion: contemplate the creative collages of Sandra Martin. How are you using the fine arts to praise our Creator? Take concrete action as a response to Sister Kathleen’s comments above. What might this look like?

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