Called to Freely Download ‘Easter Song’ by Irene Walsh and Paul Finley

Paul Keggington

April 07, 2012

As St. Francis and the first followers prayed the words of the psalm ‘sing a new song to the Lord’ throughout the  Easter Season, Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity invite you to freely download Easter Song by Irene Walsh and Paul Finley this Easter 2012.  “This is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it.”

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Comments from Irene Walsh

Paul’s song caught my ear and I always loved it’s melodies and harmonies. Paul had spoken of a field of blue flowers he’d seen in a dream. He then saw the flowers in Texas and decided to move there. At the same time Paul headed for Austin, I headed for NYC, and I wrote the lyrics to his Easter Song as a well-wishing for his new journey.

About Irene Walsh

Irene is a singer, actor and director based in NYC. Singing various styles from jazz to folk to rock and now samba, Irene’s passion is to tell a story with each song she performs. Currently she performs regularly with her samba band in New York and seeks to showcase visiting samba musicians from Brazil. She is also producing a documentary called The Heart of Samba. As an actor, Irene has performed in film, Off Broadway, Off Off Broadway, as well as regionally, most notably in The Guys – both the stage and film versions.


Comments from Paul Finley 

It was written out of gratitude. I had moved 2,000 miles from home and was rather alone. A friend at my job invited me to spend Easter with him and his family. We spent all day together, starting with an Easter service then sharing food and each other’s company. The music came out that night and right off I knew this piece to be special.

Irene Walsh and I began performing together and she later wrote the lyrics specifically for me. What a gift! Never had I received something like this before.  This piece is near and dear to me, as it marks a new point in my musical and spiritual journey.

Interestingly these two pieces were written 16 years apart. Irene and I recorded the Easter Song in 1997 on my old 4 track recorder. Today we live 1,000’s of miles apart. It was wonderful to create something with Irene again. Her voice is just magic! The Easter Prelude was written in February 2012 specifically for the Franciscan Sisters of  Christian Charity website. It’s a Holy Week meditation and jumps finally into Easter itself. All hope is ours. (Click here to download Easter Prelude.)

About Paul Finley

Born and raised in Waukesha, Wisconsin and presently living in Austin, Texas, Paul Finley is a true  journeyman who explores the depths of human joy and pain through the universal language – music. His third CD, ‘The Butterfly” was released on New Bell Recordings. The music narrates the story of the subject – war, nature, people and romance. Paul’s  unique melody strumming creates the sound of multiple guitars from one instrument.

A former faculty member and graduate of the Wisconsin Conservatory of Music, Paul has studied privately and took master classes with Michael Hedges, Ben Verdery, Fareed Haque, John Stropes and a host of others. Paul has been teaching guitar for over 20 years worldwide. In Austin he teaches at The Austin Guitar School, One Day Academy and does private lessons. 2002 to 2008 Paul was on the road, recording and touring worldwide with Austin, Texas based duo Spoken Groove. Mas Optica was his Indie rock/Progressive Metal band from 1985 to 1996. Read more.



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