Catholic College Hosts ‘Teach Us to Pray’

Paul Keggington

May 29, 2012

Do you feel the need to take time from your busy schedule to be nourished in your faith?  Are you longing to deepen your relationship with Christ? Silver Lake College of the Holy Family, sponsored by the Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity, is hosting Teach Us to Pray. Come. We invite you to join us.

A June 22-23, 20-2012 immersion experience, Teach Us to Pray is centered on the topic of prayer. Bishop David Ricken, Bishop of Green Bay, WI, and a team of  gifted presenters and artists are planning an energizing, insightful and practical exploration of the topic of prayer through art, poetry, music and teaching.

Please consider joining us on Friday night, Saturday or both. Come and be awakened in your faith to a renewed understanding of prayer. Be fully alive in your faith!

If you have any questions please call Shelia in the Green Bay Diocese Department of Education at (920) 272-8276. Friday night (includes reception) $20; Saturday event ($30); Full event $45

Accommodations available — single $46, double $62

Click here to see schedule and register online.

Deadline for registrations is June 18.


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