Franciscan Book Review ‘Grace Abounds: A Call to Awaken and Renew Your Faith’

Paul Keggington

July 30, 2012

As a part of our continuing formation as women religious, Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity are offered opportunities to participate in book clubs with others of our Sisters.  Sister Ritarose Stahl, who recently facilitated a discussion on  Grace Abounds: A Call to Awaken and Renew Your Faith by Sister Edith Prendergast’s, R.S.C., shares about this experience.

Grace Abounds is a selection of 14 brief talks given by Sister Edith Prendergast to the Religious Education Congress in Los Angeles, CA. Sister Edith writes a down to earth invitation for us to hear the Scriptures, to listen to the works of many writers and poets so that we can become examples and lights of hope to those around us. She tells us that we have all been given a tremendous amount of grace and that it must be shared with those we meet. She shares many examples with us.

The participants in the book discussion had many good comments to make about the book. They mentioned that the book is practical and easy to understand. They were amazed at the great number of people she quoted from various sources which fit into her topic. One found that Sister Edith is very conscious of social justice and at the same time her comments are very uplifting and positive on what could be a negative issue. Some appreciated the brevity of the chapters and yet were amazed that so much packed into them. It is a book to pick up again and re-read it. One participant remarked that Sister invites us to get in touch with the Spirit-the center of our life. We should be aware of the “Fire Within” which should help us to work together with others and bring them hope. We agreed that the book is hope-filled and is a delight to read and reflect upon.

An example of one of her quotes is from evangelical preacher Vance Haver who said “Christians, like snowflakes, are frail, but when they stick together they can stop traffic.”

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