Franciscan College Celebrates Matriculation with Tau Cross

Paul Keggington

August 25, 2012

Welcoming students in a spiritual Matriculation Ceremony is a Francisan Sisters of Christian Charity sponsored Silver Lake College of the Holy Family tradition. Maticulation is the term used to describe students’ formal entry into the college community and can be described as the act of placing a student’s name upon the matricula or roll of members of the college.

This ceremony takes place in chapel. In this space surrounded in light by colorful stained glass windows expressing the richness of the Franciscan Catholic tradition, students are led in with the pageantry and dress of an academic procession.

Important to this ritual is the proclamation of Franciscan values, the singing of  songs (“A College True” and “Blessing of St. Francis”) and the gifting of the Tau Cross. The Tau is the last letter of the Hebrew alphabet and looks very much like a captial ‘T”. Pope Innocent II spoke of this symbol as reflecting the cross on which Jesus was crucified. With Francis’ deep devotion to the crucified Lord, Francis began using this symbol, painting the image on the walls of those places he stayed and even using it as his only signature. Today the Tau Cross is recognized and accepted by all Franciscans.

Note: Posting was composed from August 24, 2012 Program Notes.

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