Something Franciscan Sister Communities Always Do

Paul Keggington

August 28, 2012

Important to community-life bonding among us Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity is quality time together. Every August or early September we plan ‘Community Days’.

Wondering what ‘Community Days’ means? Always with a light-hearted Franciscan spirit, we hope to create an atmosphere for faith sharing and planning for the year. We talk about our spiritual lives, responsibilities regarding housekeeping, how we will celebrate special days of each other and church feasts, make schedules and discuss our personal and communal financial needs together. This year these questions are being used for group discussion.

  • As Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity: Called to be; Called to serve how can we live our evangelical vows in a meaningful and challenging way in today’s world?
  • What do you think should be given priority in following Christ as a Franciscan in a meaningful and relevant way as we practice conversion, contemplation, minority and poverty, the fundamental values of our Third Order Rule?

To keep alive the depth of sharing among the Sisters, each local community in their varied size and geographical location continues to meet for a monthly discussion. The Sunday Gospel is used as a springboard to help us deepen our spiritual life and our life in Community.

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