When Franciscan Sisters Purchase a New Car

Paul Keggington

October 10, 2012

Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity in Tucson tell the story of their recent new car and first road trip. Enjoy Sister Carla Riach’s account.

New Experience–New Car

Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity at San Xavier Mission, Tucson, AZ,  had a memorable ending of August and beginning of September. A Community car which was used by the Sisters commuting to Santa Cruz School developed serious problems and it was decided to purchase a new car. Fortunately for us an expert at such things is residing at San Xavier Mission. Santa Barbara Franciscan Friar Father Tom Frost ministered on the Tohono O’odham Reservation many years and had lots of practice purchasing cars. Being retired now, Father Tom was delighted to do the footwork. He took the guidelines our Community Bursar Sister Myra Jean Sweigart gave and searched the internet for the best trade in and purchase. He accompanied Sisters Pat, Catherine and Carla to Precision Toyota and amazed us with his skill. By the end of the deal, we, too, were asking some intelligent questions. The end result was the purchase of a 2012 Toyota Camry.

First Road Trip

We enjoyed an outing to Holy Trinity Monastery in St. David village for our Community Days. Here is a bit about this community from their website. “The Monastery’s composition is unique. It is made up of 3 communities, the monks, the sisters of Holy Family Convent and satellite oblates who live in their own homes on the grounds. There is also a growing group of RVers, who come each year to assist the community in many ways. They have been nicknamed “The Holy Hoboes”.

St. David is located on the San Pedro River, and is higher in elevation and a bit cooler than Tucson. The huge cotton wood trees, ponds and roaming peacocks were a pleasant change of scenery. The resident community and other guests offered gracious hospitality. We came home Sunday afternoon refreshed after sharing prayer, play and quality time together.

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