Norbertine Serves Franciscan Sisters for Over 20 Years

Paul Keggington

October 15, 2012

On October 14, 2012 Norbertine Father Samuel Jaden celebrated over 20 years of living religious life. This milestone was not remembered at St. Norbert Abbey, DePere, WI. Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity planned  the party to celebrate Father Jaden’s faithful service as chaplain for 21 years of continuous ministry at our Manitowoc Motherhouse.

Father Jaden not only presided at daily Mass for us at Holy Family Convent, but also at St. Francis Convent when needed. He was present for first and final professions, master of ceremonies at  jubilees and an ever pastoral presence at our funeral liturgies composing homilies after speaking with our Sisters’ loved ones. His greatest service was to our Sisters in St. Rita’s Infirmary offering blessings of encouragement,  regular Anointing of the Sick and exposing the Blessed Sacrament and having Benediction. Ever encouraging  penitents to do something nice for someone else, he was generous with his time in the Sacrament of Reconciliation. His love for Scripture was evident in additional afternoon classes for the Sisters focusing on various books of the Bible. A true gentleman and follower of St. Norbert’s charism of hospitality, ‘Father Sam’ was the perfect host for fellow chaplains, retreat masters, and his own family and friends were our welcome guests.

Other Norbertine priests who have served us as sacramental ministers over the years include:

  • Rev. L.J. Specht, O. Praem, 1929-1939
  • Rev. Maurice J. Windt, O. Praem, 1939-1943
  • Rev. Hubert Traeger, O. Praem, 1943-1948
  • Rev. Daniel F. Hurley, O. Praem, 1948-1963
  • Rev. Ronald Kirk, O. Praem, 1963-1971
  • Rev. Ferdinand Dupont, O. Praem, 1970-1982
  • Rev. Julian Resch, O. Praem, 1971-1993
  • Rev. Gabriel Hinkes, O. Praem, 1987

St. Norbert and St. Francis, pray for us! These holy and generous followers of St. Norbert, pray for us.



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