Franciscan Free Music Download: ‘Here I Am’ by Eric Genius

Paul Keggington

November 01, 2012

Called to be thankful for God’s faithful presence in our lives especially through loved ones during this month of Thanksgiving, Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity collaborate with composer, virtuoso pianist and acclaimed performer Eric Genius to offer Here I Am as a free music download. You’ll want to listen with delight at contemporary music with classical overtones. It is music that gives “soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination”.

Click here to listen to more of Eric’s music and purchase truly extraordinary cds. Find him also on iTunes.

My youngest daughter was born with Down’s Syndrome. Many children who are truly blessed with this, suffer from defects in the heart. My daughter had serious heart surgery when she was three months. This was a piece that I composed for her on the day of her surgery. It is a love song to her (Anastasia), and my wife Leslie.

-Eric Genius

About Eric Genius

The career of composer, virtuoso pianist and acclaimed performer, Eric Genuis, began in Krakow, Poland in 1997. A government dignitary heard Genuis’ music and he was invited to headline the entertainment for an AIDS benefit concert. This premier performance was attended by 15,000 people. Since then, Genuis continues to perform worldwide, upwards of 100 concerts each year.

Eric has received praise from music industry greats such as Joel Sill (Music Supervisor for films Munich and Forest Gump) who said “I remain a fan and look forward to him being more broadly discovered and to watching as his audience expands and appreciates his fine talents” and John Debney (Film Composer for The Passion of the Christ and Spy Kids), who proclaimed “From a musicians perspective, Eric Genuis’ music is brilliant- superbly crafted, unique in style and expertly performed.” Eric has collaborated with famed British Maestro, Allen Wilson and the Slovak National Symphony to produce four CD’s of his original work.

Genuis’ musical education includes achieving First Class A.R.C.T. Honors in Piano Performance from the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto. He has completed course work in film scoring from the Berklee College of Music. Eric Genuis is a musical tour de force and his concerts are a proven thrill to music lovers of both classical and contemporary music.


Now be still when you’re back’s against the wall,

Victory it seems no hope at all

I’ll be your wings that soar so high, this side of paradise

Now be still until you’re strong;

Here I am I’m your fire when it’s cold;

Here I am I’m your guide when you lost your road;

I’m your robber in the fields of woe when the enemy storms the door;

Here I am forevermore.

Take my hand when shadows hide your way,

Take my hand there’ll come a brighter day,

for the love of you and me

is surely something sweet

take my hand close by you’ll stay;

Here I am, I’m your fire when it’s cold;

Here I am I’m your guide when you lost your road

I’m your bridge above the stormy sea when unchanged finally meets

Here I am forevermore

Here I am I’m your fire when its’ cold

Here I am I’m guide when you lost your road

I’m you’re your shield when arrows fly

I’ll never leave your side

Here I am forevermore

Here I am forevermore.


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