Franciscan Sisters’ Saintly AdJUSTment Focus: St. Nicholas

Paul Keggington

December 18, 2012

December’s Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity Social Justice AdJUSTment model of holiness is of course St. Nicholas. Franciscan Sister Kathleen Murphy provides the action-packed reflection. The local community of St. Francis Convent, Manitowoc is featured in the accompanying photo. (Sister Alice Thome’s brother is their St. Nick.)

This month our model of faithful striving for a just and peaceful life is Saint Nicholas.  We usually don’t associate St. Nick with social justice.  Visions of toys, stockings, candy canes and sugar plums typically dance in our heads at the mention of his name.  However, if we consider the early legends about Nicholas’ life, the common  thread is his selfless concern for those whose lives, innocence and joy are in jeopardy.  We hear of Nicholas protecting and reviving children and youth.  He sees no place for violence, poverty, greed or exploitation in a world saved by Christ.  Nicholas proved to be selfless in sharing whatever he had  when he was faced by need.  He endured suffering, deprivation and even prison in the name of sharing in justice and living his faith.

Consider:  Have I been generous and selfless in meeting the needs of others?  Have I been greedy with my time, abilities or possessions?

Pray:  Jesus, our Promised One, give us the vision and generosity we need to truly see and provide for the needs of those around us, we pray…

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