Here’s a Franciscan Advent Countdown Reflection

Paul Keggington

December 20, 2012

Franciscan Sister of Christian Charity Sister Delores Wisnicky, who leads in mission ministry at St. Paul Elder Services, Kaukauna, WI.  offers an Advent reflection on the last Sunday of Advent 2012.

The last Sunday of Advent offers us a gift.  It is a time to reflect, be with the Lord, and feel what is going on inside.

Being here at St. Paul Elder Services, I learn much from everyone.   Take nothing for granted.  Count your blessings daily.  Laugh often, especially at yourself.  Life is a gift, open with care.  In the spiritual realm of things, less is more.  That is quite an eye opener.  Less is more!

We live in a world that says more is better.  But have you noticed that when you purchase something that you think is so great and it will bring you great joy, it does not last?  Things can distract us from the Lord.  They can get in the way.  Our God wants to speak to our hearts.  Our God want us to experience His Love.  Yet we get so distracted, or we are led astray.

In Advent our God calls us back.  Advent means coming.  Our God wants to come to us…may these last days of Advent be full of the gifts of the Lord.  Peace, patience, joy, forgiveness, so we can experience the Miracle of Christmas.  May Love be truly born in our hearts!

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