Vocation Team Presents on Year of Faith to Manitowoc Life Teen

Paul Keggington

January 14, 2013

Talk about perfect planning. Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity Vocation Team were invited on  the  feast of the Baptism of Jesus (January 13, 2013)  to present on the Year of Faith. Beginning National Vocation Awareness Week at home in Manitowoc, WI, with Jon Blevins, his servant leader team of assistants and the St. Francis of Assisi Life Teen participants was a special bonus blessing.

Why would combining this feast of the Baptism of Jesus and the Year of Faith (and vocation awareness for that matter) be a brilliant strategy?

At this time in history, Pope Benedict XVI’s summons all of us to turn back to Jesus and enter into a deeper relationship with him.  Baptism marks the beginning of this relationship for each of us. In this sacrament we shared in Christ’s redemptive death and were united with him in his Resurrection. Baptism is also all about living a relationship with God in the context of the Church.

Our baptismal call  involves conscious decision making.  The Word of God is our way of finding our life’s direction. We strengthen our belief by living it. We are called to do the work of God.

What else happened at Life Teen?

First, we arrived at 4 p.m. in time to meet Jon and be part of the leaders’ planning meeting. Next, we participated in the 5 p.m. Sunday evening Eucharist at the St. Francis of Assisi Waldo Blvd site. Pastor Father Dave Pleier presided at the liturgy. The music was lively. The homily inspiring. The pews were full.

After Mass, nacho supremes were the munchie of the day. Jon introduced the instruction time for over 100 youth and we followed with our thoughts on the Year of Faith. Small group sessions with young adult and senior teen facilitators helped to make the words personal and concrete.  Questions surfaced and were answered. The evening closed with a renewal of baptismal promises.

What are examples of choices you have made as a Baptized member of the Catholic Church? (Here’s one of the small group discussion questions!)

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