Franciscan Sisters Proud of Catholic Tohono O’odham Nation Queen

Paul Keggington

January 24, 2013

Anticipating Catholic Schools Week, Franciscan Sister of Christian Charity Sister Carla Riach shares about Wynona Marie Peters’ recent Miss Tohono O’odham Farewell Celebration in Tucson, AZ. A graduate of Catholic Schools, Wynona served the Tohono O’odham Nation as its special ambassador with great pride.

It is not everyday that we can boast of a San Xavier Mission School, Tucson, AZ,  graduate who served as Miss Tohono O’odham. Wynona Marie Peters just stepped down from this special Tohono O’odham Nation ambassador role. Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity who have watched Wynona grow in grace and wisdom during her elementary school years are proud of her efforts in graduating from Salpoint Catholic High School, Tucson, AZ and St. Mary College, San Diego, CA.

The Farewell celebration included some entertainment from a variety of cultural groups: Desert Indian Dancers, Wa:k Tab Basket Dancers, 3-Star Kwail:ya Dancers, Akimel Ali Dancers, Gila River Dancers, Gila River Butterfly Dancers, and Pisinimo Singers. Guest speakers included Wa:k Community members as well as district leaders.

Wynona offered a special dedication to Margie Butler who died this year. Margie was a former Miss Tohono O’odham, but also Wynona’s teacher and counselor during her years at San Xavier Mission School. The crown worn by all Miss Tohono O’odhams was once made by a family member of our Sister Lucia Antone. The basket design crown continues to be a  weaved work of art.

Currently, Wynona is running for Miss Indian Arizona in October, is enrolled in on-line graduate courses and helps everyone in her family.

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