Franciscan Podcast: Amazing Grace at St. Mark Catholic Church, Twin Cities

Sister JulieAnn Sheahan

February 17, 2013

Chris Engelmann’s  prayerful, harmonic expression of Amazing Grace at St. Mark Catholic Church, St. Paul, MN. is our Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity’s featured Lenten 2013 Podcast. .

St. Mark’s Parish in the Macalester-Groveland neighborhood of St. Paul, is just a few blocks away from St. Thomas University. By their own description, the parish community is “a strong family united in Christ.”
With its resplendent stained glass depicting the consoling drama of God’s salvation, it is no wonder than St. Mark’s is a designated ‘Year of Faith’ pilgrim site. Should you have the good fortune of visiting there, perhaps on quiet week day, you might come across Chris Englemann. Chris, a Catholic convert, who often also stops in to offer his own unique expression of faith.

“The harmonica is really an extension of the soul – my breath, the airflow, my life is emanating from this little instrument. It’s a form of praise…the grace and honor and the love of God that has enabled  me to carry this message.”

“And this piece is especially meaningful to me. I see it as a wonderful message, for people in recovery people from all walks of life who are seeking some type of help and direction from God in their life.”

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