#3 How Do You Meet Franciscan Sisters: World Day of Prayer for Vocations Priest Request

Paul Keggington

April 20, 2013

It all began with a facebook invitation. Father Timothy Brandt, pastor of Holy Family Parish, Brillion, WI, asked if someone from our Community of Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity would ever be available on April 18, 2013  to come for Mass and a talk on discernment to religious life to middle school youth at Holy Family School. Father’s hope was to anticipate World Day of Prayer for Vocations and provide some education on the priesthood and consecrated life.

2013-04-18_10-10-02_852On Thursday our Vocation Team responded by packing up a computer, lcd projector, handouts and Sister-made give-away bracelets arriving amid rain drops at the school’s front entrance. Sharon, the school secretary directed us to the basement space for Mass. Anna Schmidt, enthusiastic religion teacher and coordinator of youth ministry, later led us to a classroom to set up our materials.

Students formed a strong choir for Eucharist and Ginger, guitarist and song leader, planned a festive Easter liturgy. Father introduced us and the theme of vocations to the congregation before we followed the girls upstairs for an enjoyable session with them.  We were introduced to yet another teacher Lori Dederich who not only was very welcoming, but actively participated with her class in our presentation.

Our picture tells the rest of the story.

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