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Paul Keggington

June 21, 2013

Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity continue sharing significant moments of our Community 2013 Chapter. Find here a poem that Sister Martin Flavin presented on a discussion of Silver Lake College of the Holy Family, Manitowoc, WI. Read more June 20 news

Father Joseph Fessler,

Mother Gabriel Gramlich,Franciscan-Sister-Martin-Flavin

Mother Generose Cahill…


A bright Spring day –

A trail that circles Silver Lake –

The vision begins.


The plans are made –

A plot is measured

And soil is turned.


A home – a convent built –Beginnings-of-Silver-Lake-College-of-the-Holy-Family

Doors open, welcome-wide

Youth eager to learn.


The young teacher Teresa’ vision

Taking shape –

The young educator Mary Gertrude

Shapes further dream.

Soon young women fill the college halls…


Our heritage – Holy Family College


Our legacy to keep the vision,

The dream become reality:

Silver Lake College of the Holy Family.Silver-Lake-College-of-the-Holy-Family


Ours it is to re-invigorate this our heritage-

Ours to be the collaborators of Mothers

Gabriel and Generose,

To bestow on this – our own college, a vital, vibrant future,

Pledging our prayers, our support,


To work begun, to tasks ahead.


Sister Martin Flavin

June 19, 2013

Sister Ellen Pachmayer, Sister Jan Villemure and Sister Monica Martin are serving as Chapter News Reporters.

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