Franciscan Sisters Present: The Little Flowers of Sister Louise

Paul Keggington

June 29, 2013

How does one thank someone for 12 years of self-less service? Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity attempted the impossible on the weekend of June 29-30, 2013 when we expressed gratitude to our Community Director Sister Louise Hembrecht.

Franciscan-Sister-Louise-HembrechtHere’s a brief description of what was included in the  weekend action:

First, a Saturday afternoon program entitled “Little Flowers of Sister Louise”, inspired by the traditionally known “Little Flowers of St. Francis’, took place for all for all the Sisters in St. Mary’s Chapel. Why chapel? It was the place where all of us could gather together.

Sister Mariadele Jacobs introduced the program with these words:

“As we all know, ‘The Little Flowers of St. Francis’ are a collection of short stories about Francis which portray some of his qualities or virtues. Our presentations this afternoon will bring out some of Sister Louise’s virtues, gifts, and qualities through song, choral reading, dance, poetry and narration. “

The acts consisted of the following groups:

  • Wisest members Franciscan-Sister-Louise-Hembrecht-presentationof our Community from St. Rita Health Center
  • Sisters who shared Sister Louise’s Novitiate Days
  • International students from Vietnam and Nigeria who are attending Silver Lake College of the Holy Family
  • Sisters from Chiara Convent expressing appreciation for ‘the house that Sister Louise built’
  • Sisters who enjoy gardening at the Motherhouse
  • Youngest members of our Community

Our gallery of photos will give you a front row seat on the fun.

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Sister Louise’s gift was a convent-made calendar with the promise of daily prayers from each Sister in the Community as well as from each local community of Sisters in our convents.

Sunday all gathered for a Eucharistic celebration, special dinner and opportunity for individual greetings of gratitude in our Motherhouse cafeteria. Watch for more pictures on facebook.

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