A Unique Ever-Timely Franciscan Sisters Golden Jubilee Song

Paul Keggington

July 08, 2013

A Golden anniversary is ever a special celebration. This year’s Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity who celebrated 50 years of commitment as women religious made it especially heart-warming. 2013 Golden Jubilarians (Sister Anne Marie Selinsky, Sister Delia Gaber, Sister Jane Marie Loderbauer, Sister Janet Rose, Sister Mary Lou Loonsfoot, Sister Michael Ann O’Donnell, Sister Nancy Kinate, Sister Patricia Linssen) joined their voices with our own Motherhouse Choir to sing a song based on our Sister Mary Paul’s own  ‘Alverno Joys’ melody and their group’s unique lyrics based on being ‘Echoes of the Word’.

Although you’d think the thrust of the New Evangelization is behind the power of the words, the lyrics were created during their Novitiate over 50 years ago and are a testament of the lives they hoped and did live. Here are the lyrics of song entitled Echoes of the Word:

Franciscan-Sisters-Golden-Jubilarians-2013The world today is seeking for a Word it cannot speak,

For a  Word not in our language, for a Word it cannot see;

May this Word be found amongst us and within our hearts be heard.

Oh, Lord, may we be forever faithful Echoes of Your Word.


Let us share this Word with others as we walk the path of life.

To the Word we pledge ourselves each hour as the echo of the right.

May our voices keep resounding in the needy world observed.

Oh, Lord, may we be forever faithful Echoes of the Word.


By our hidden life of service let us show the world the way;

How to live a life of imitation and fulfill the Word proclaimed,

Let them see by our example on Whom this world depends.

That entering heaven Christ may greet us–faithful Echoes you have been.

Reception-June 13, 1962

First Profession-June 14, 1963

Note: If you would like to hear a snippet of the song click here.

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