Here’s Some Proof Catholic Schools are Alive and Well

Paul Keggington

July 10, 2013

Catholic schools are not dead or dying. New York Times recently published a letter from our Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity dear friend and colleague, Rachel Moreno. In the letter, Rachel respectfully pushes back against the recent article in the Times about the decline of Catholic schools that serve low-income and minority communities.

Franciscan-Sister-Ellen School Counselor-at-Santa-Cruz-Catholic-School-Tuscon-AZWould you like to read the New York Times article yourself and Rachel’s response? Click on both links below – the original article and Rachel’s letter – as well as a recent ACE newsblog piece reporting some of the latest Notre Dame ACE Academies Tucson achievement data. Franciscan Sisters serve at Santa Cruz School in South-side Tucson.

Rachel’s letter: Click here.

Original letter: Click here.

ACE newsblog piece on NDAA achievement: Click here.

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