Franciscan WYD Downloads to Go: Brazilian Artists Sergio Krakowski and Pedro Moraes

Paul Keggington

August 01, 2013

Pope Francis’ words at World Youth Day were a real send off to ‘rebuild our Church’. Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity invite you to ‘go’ be a disciple to all nations inspirited by Brazilian artists Sergio Krakowski and Pedro Moraes. Find strength in this cultural rush of majestic music calling forth action and creativity for the Gospel message.

Xote de Manhã by Pedro Moraes

Pedro-MoreasXote de Manhã, is one of the first songs I ever wrote. It’s an inner reflection on sunrise in my hometown of Rio. The permanent mystery of a day that’s just beginning. What could it bring?

There’s a sacredness to these early morning hours, when the spirit too is fresh and pure and full of possibilities. The verses also pay homage to Saint Sebastian, who is the patron saint of Rio.

Hailed by NPR.ORG as “one of the 10 artists you should have known in 2012”, the Rio de Janeiro born Moraes whose album Claroescuro was deemed “one of the top 10 world music CDs of 2010” (Boston Globe) has been touring extensively to the US, Europe and Asia since 2007. With his mastery of Brazilian, Latin and self-created rhythms, and deceptively organic melodies which place him on the forefront of an intriguing “vanguard of neo traditionalists” (Tom Pryor – NatGEO), the 34 year old singer, guitarist and composer has been establishing himself as an ambassador of this generation.

Currently on studio, recording his second solo album, the songwriter is also the curator of a yearly avant guard showcase that takes place in NYC called “Brazilian Explorative Music”, and is one of the leaders of a project funded by the Rio de Janeiro state government which gathers artists, critics and scholars on the pursuit of a contemporary articulation of brazilian pop music and the search for transcendence.


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Bercaiodenevens (Cradle of Clouds) by Sergio Krakowski


This music is inspired by an incredible phenomena that takes place in Cintra, Portugal, where you can actually see the clouds being formed. Materialized poetry.”

Sergio Krakowski was born on December 18, 1979 and began playing pandeiro when he was 15 years old. He is self-taught and developed his own technique, based on various influences such as Rafael Rabello, Jorginho do Pandeiro and Marcos Suzano.

Freedom of expression is a primary focus in Sergio’s musical path. He believes that the pandeiro has even more potential than has been explored until this point, including the use of polyrhythms.

Krakowski started his professional career at 18, playing in clubs in Rio de Janeiro with some of the great names in Brazilian music. He dedicated himself to the instrumental Brazilian music style call Choro, where he round the freedom of expression he was looking for.


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