# 10 How Franciscan Sister Sees Hawaii with New Eyes

Paul Keggington

August 29, 2013

Franciscan Sister of Christian Charity Sister Verone Leeman returning to St. Theresa Convent, Kekaha, HI after 48 years chronicles a few new experiences.

August 6

St. Theresa Parish Kekaha HI picnicToday, Sunday, it was delightfully cool in Church! all the sides of the Church were open and the trade winds were blowing through. So much easier to pray when the body is comfortable!!!

Yesterday we went to a picnic for all the Catholic Parishes on the Island. It was quite a gathering. There was a gathering time and then Mass followed by food. I had forgotten how good the Island food is. Such a variety.

They had a water slide for the kids and a covered pavilion to keep the sun off.

We went on the school bus driven by a fellow they call Uncle Lou.  There were not a lot of people on the bus but it was easier than everyone driving their own car.

So much beauty to see on the way!!

August 9

I went out visiting the sick and homebound. Left at 8:30 and returned at 1:00. It was a real St. Theresa Parish, Kekaha, HI elderinspiration to me to see the simple faith of these dear people. I met one woman who’s son I taught guitar lessons to when I was here before.

My mentor is Beverly Johnston. Those of you who were here will remember her. She is almost 10 years my senior but that does not slow her down. We hit it off right away.
This experience touched my soul in a new way. Thank God for His Presence among us!!

August 21

St. Maryann of MolokaiYesterday I went to the teachers meeting with the Sister Teachers. It was an enjoyable day. We went to Lihue to the Catholic School there. We saw Immaculate Conception Church, the grotto next to the Church (reminded me of Holy Family Convent, Manitowoc WI) and a picture of Mother Mary Ann of Molokai. She worked with Father Damian with the lepers.

August 29

Enjoying the ocean breezes and the sun that is warm and bright…


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