Franciscan Sisters Welcome 3 Young Women in Pre-Postulancy

Paul Keggington

September 03, 2013

On September 1, 2013, Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity launched a new step in the journey of becoming a Franciscan Sister that allows for gradual preparation for the Postulancy in our Community. Here’s the commentary that Sister Theresa Feldkamp read at the ritual that welcomed 3 young women to take this step with us.

Franciscan-Sisters-Welcome-Young-Woman-in-T.A.U.Tonight we are celebrating a simple ritual to enroll 3 young women in Tau–a period of gradual preparation for the Postulancy in our Community of Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity.

TAU is an acronym that means:

T-mutual testing by young woman and our Community of the authenticity of a call to be a Franciscan Sister

A-absorbing our particular Franciscan spirit and growing in feeling at home with us

U- gradual growth in understanding what it means to be in formation in our particular religious community i.e. greater self-understanding and knowledge of our Catholic Faith.

Franciscan-Sisters-Welcome-Another-Young-Woman-in-T.A.U.Each time we welcome a young woman to enter this program she will knock at our back chapel door. Sister Natalie will invite her to come in and ask her what she asks of God and our Community of Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity. After Sister Natalie reads a small section of our Franciscan Rule, she will invite a response from us…our applause will be our approval. Sister Natalie will then walk with the young woman to the front of chapel during the song. After the reading, Sister Natalie will present a discernment journal to be used during this time of deeper discernment.

Let us stand and turn toward the back of chapel.


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