Annual Community Days Are a Franciscan Tradition

Paul Keggington

September 05, 2013

What are Community Days? To Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity, the term refers to specific days in the later summer or early fall of the year when our Sisters whether at our large Motherhouse or elsewhere in the United States in other smaller convents spend time creating an atmosphere for a faith community and planning for the year. (It doesn’t mean that these are the only days we live in community or take time to do this:)!)

St.-Francis-of-Assisi-Convent-Sisters-Community-Day-OutingWhat does it mean for Sisters to create an atmosphere for growth in faith? What do women religious need to plan? Well, here’s a short list of things to answer these questions:

  • our daily schedule and monthly calendar e.g. what time is the best to pray Morning Prayer and Evening Prayer given our ministry needs, when is the next time we will meet to discuss important matters, when will we reflect on the Gospel for Sunday.
  • fostering a spirit of reconciliation e.g. planning some additional para-liturgical services but also truly taking to heart the sign of peace during Eucharistic celebrations every day.
  • concrete practices of penance e.g. offering the ordinary inconveniences of daily life for the needs of others.
  • local budget e.g. being aware of keeping our life simple, what needs fixing, how can we better recycle.
  • house duties e.g. who cleans what, who does the grocery shopping, who sends in news for Franciscanized World:)!
  • times and places of silence e.g. keeping a spirit of quiet before morning prayer, chapel.
  • method of sharing information common to all.

And it means having FUN with each other. Our Sisters at St. Francis of Assisi Convent, Greenwood, MS shared this picture. Can you pick them out in the crowd? (Look for black and white!) What do you think they are up to? Watch for more pictures on our Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity FACEBOOK page! They promise to share more.

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