Young Person Repairs St. Francis Statue

Paul Keggington

September 25, 2013

In this month of St. Francis, Franciscan Sister of Christian Charity Sister Mary Beth Kornely shares on a young person who repaired a  St. Francis of Assisi statue in Greenwood, MS in preparation for the feast.

St. Francis Statue Before

This summer, the two St. Francis statues by the front of school and side door received a major paint rejuvenation through the work of Stephen Gilmore, the son of Ms. Gilmore who is the secretary in St. Francis School. Stephen graduated from high school this year and used the summer to help out and get ready for college.  He very willingly took on the project suggested by Sr. Mary Ann Tupy.

With great care and interest he picked out the colors and worked at removing the chipped paint that had given the statues a very worn out look. Stephen did an amazing job on the statues and has given them a new life for all of us to enjoy.

St. Francis Statue refreshed

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