Franciscan Sister’s Vocation Begins in Chicago

Paul Keggington

September 26, 2013

Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity Sister Kay Elmer tells the story of Sister Catherine Glim who celebrates her 75 year Profession anniversary. Find here a vocation journey of endearing wisdom and love. Is God calling you to be a Franciscan Sister? Click here.

Evelyn Florence Glim, born June 13, 1920, was the second youngest of four boys and three girls of the William and Catherine Glim family in Chicago, IL. The family’s parish was St. Willibrord’s, where our Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity taught.

Franciscan Sister Catherine Glim's family photoSister Catherine doesn’t remember any time in her life when she didn’t want to be a Religious Sister! She had a maternal aunt, Sister Frontina, who was a School Sister of St. Francis. Sister Catherine remembers visiting her with two of her cousins when she was in the 4th grade. When Sister Frontina asked the girls if they would like to be a Sister some day, Evelyn’s answer was “Oh, yes!” This overjoyed Sister Frontina; however her cousins thought she was just faking it. They didn’t know that she already had this deep desire for religious life.

Sister also recalls that when she was baby-sitting a young child during her school years, she sometimes would read a prayer book given her that contained a section on ‘Vocations,’ which described Marriage, the Single Life, and a Vocation to Religious Life. At this point she evidently was already making a value judgment about the way of life she would choose–so that when Evelyn finished 8th Grade, she immediately asked her parents if she could go to the convent. Her parents told her “No.” She would have to wait until she was 21. Continue here.


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