Franciscan Father Hilary’s Campus Ministry Desk is His Feet

Paul Keggington

October 08, 2013

Believing that his office is where his feet touch ground with a student or faculty or staff, Franciscan Friar of the Assumption BVM Province Father Hilary Brzezinski is living his vocation at Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity sponsored Silver Lake College of the Holy Family campus ministry these days. He is sensitively absorbing the personalities and geography of his new environment.

Father-Hilary-Brzezinski-OFM-and-Silver-Lake-College-of-the-Holy-Family-Campus-Ministry-Manitowoc-WINot new to serving with our Sisters, Father Hilary inter-related with our Franciscan Congregation at St. Francis of Assisi Parish, Greenwood, MS while at that time immersing himself not only in this community of faith, but in other area ministries and responsibilities including Mississippi Valley State University Newman Center. Add experiences at the University of Texas Brownsville and Edinburg, and Harlinger Technical College and McAllen Community College, and he has a significant history of being planted in people rather than in a four-walled spaces in learning situations.

As a friar he has adjusted to more than one culture in a casual, patient and considerate way, not immediately reacting to a situation at hand. Father’s years of serving society’s minorities with equanimity, deference and respect has taught him well. He has seen poverty and despair in Mississippi and Arizona, but not lost faith or hope. All these lessons are perfect knowledge for a ministry  among God’s young adults. We thank God for the gift of Father Hilary among us at Silver Lake College of the Holy Family and joining us at the Eucharistic and cafeteria table at Holy Family Convent, Motherhouse, as well as taking a turn presiding at St. Francis Convent Masses.

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