Luke’s Gospel Inspires Franciscan Sister’s Poem

Paul Keggington

November 04, 2013

Continuing to be mindful of the daily Eucharistic readings, Franciscan Sister of Christian Charity Sister Martinella Janz shares a Gospel reflection on Lk 17:5-10.

Wherever I go.

Whatever I do.

I let others witness

Who I really am and Franciscan-Sisters-lead-concert-on-vocational-call-at-St.-Francis-Xavier-Cathedral-Green-Bay-WI

What I believe in.

Just being who I am

Gives me any opportunities

In using my inheritance

The gifts of my Father,

To do more, to get my hands

Dirty, worn and calloused,

But also to be more gentle,

Compassionate, humane, supportive,

Uncomplaining and appreciative

Than what is expected of me.

I have value and responsibilities.

I am sacred to the Lord,

Building up what is broken,

Strengthening that which is weak,

 Addressing the wrongs and

Speaking encouragement to the fearful.

To be for those I meet-

The Father’s Son.

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