7 Quick Takes Friday: Celebrate Year of Faith Conclusion with a Song

Paul Keggington

November 15, 2013

— 1 —

We soon conclude the Year of Faith (or is it just a beginning?) What better way than be inspired by a song! Franciscan Sisters offer “Open The Door” (Abrir a Porta), a unique collaboration of the Franciscana Costa collective. Musicians from the United States, Brazil and Latin America unite in the spirit of the New Evangelization. Click here to enjoy a free download encouraging giving of self. Read on to find out more about some of the co-operating musicians.

— 2 —

Gina as in #GinaChavez from Austin, TX is our powerful leading vocalist. Her own full-length album up.rooted is coming February 2014. Read more about this up and coming singer/songwriter.Gina Chavez

website, twitter , facebook

— 3 —

Guitar Virtuoso Paul as in #PaulFinley from Austin, TX is instrumental in quick finger picking background sounds.


Paul has been a musician for Diocese of Austin events since 2002. You may his music supporting Bishop Joe Vasquez’s radio addresses and after daily mass on Relevant Radio. website, biography

— 4 —

Marco as in #Marco Esch Brazilian composer and singer adds an especially gentle, soothing voice.  His latest work is the Bossa Nova Gospel, a gentle and melodic expression of peace and joy.

Marco Esch


— 5 —

Marcio as in #MarcioFalchet Brazilian guitar player, producer, composer and teacher. Learning to write music and play guitar just by listening to it,  he adds his own wonderous string melodies.

Marcio Falchet


— 6 —

#JulioPabon: Julio is a Milwaukee multi-instrumentalist, skilled drum maker & muralist who has created public works in his home region Wisconsin.

Julio Pabon


— 7 —

 #7Estrelo: André Lanari and Bruno Tonelli from Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil add an electronic genre  influenced by many othermusic styles. Watch for their own creative mix of guitar, bass, flutes, voices, beats and synths.


website, youtube, soundcloud

Return to our site for other mixes of the original composition that hope to move souls to transcend time. Open the doorlet us give of ourselves with true joy!

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