How Do You Meet a Francisan Sister: Markesan

Paul Keggington

January 14, 2014

Markesan, WI was in the news of late. This rural community was having ‘frost quakes’ or ‘ice quakes’ created when water makes powerful underground explosions. God’s timing of sending Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity to one of the sites of St. Andrew/St. Mary and Holy Family Parishes in Markesan for the Feast of the Baptism of Jesus was earth-shaking in a different sense. We were delighted to receive the invitation from faith-keeper Maureen Nelson, Coordinator of Religious Education, especially since our Sisters have never served in this area before. (Just for the record, given our large Community of Sisters, some of our Sisters do have relatives or friends from this area!)Franciscan Sisters visit Holy Family Parish Markesan, WI

Not only did we celebrate Eucharist with others who share faith born of the waters of baptism here, but we had deeper conversations about our lives with those preparing for Confirmation and some of the younger and older members of the Catholic community. Sarah, a postulant for one week, shared how she became aware of God’s call to take steps to become a Franciscan Sister. It was a good day!

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