5 Quick Franciscan Pieces of Advice for a New College Semester Adventure

Paul Keggington

January 29, 2014

Franciscan Sister of Christian Charity Sister Kathryn Klackner offered 5 quick pieces of advice to students at Silver Lake College of the Holy Family, Manitowoc, WI. This is a good time to repeat her wisdom.

Franciscan-Sister-Kay-KlacknerToday, on behalf of the faculty, I offer you 5 quick pieces of advice as you begin this new adventure.  To symbolize that advice, I offer you objects from my backpack—which by the way is rather tattered because it accompanied me through those San Francisco University days.  I hope that you will seriously consider this advice as you prepare for this academic year.

Advice #1: a clock:  Obviously, a clock is vital to making sure you are on time for classes because tardiness is opportunity lost.  But more importantly, the clock represents your balance of time, finding the rhythm of your day.  How do you manage your time?  What times and places of study will work best for you?  How will arrange your days to accomplish short and long range assignments?  Consider your time management.

Franciscan New Semester AdviceAdvice #2:  Bible:  Or an art piece, music, nature or times of quiet.  Find the means to keep you centered; rooted in what is important.  Hold precious those times for prayer or quiet to center yourself and keep the core meaning foremost in your life.

Advice #3:  athletic shoe and apple:  You cannot give what you do not have:  stay healthy.  Mind and soul cannot function without a healthy body.  Eat well, both healthy and with celebration.  One of my favorite celebration foods is ice cream so I can give some very good local places for good ice cream, if you need some suggestions.   Beyond what you eat is how you eat.  Engage in conversations with others—expand your horizons, meet new people, forage some new special friendships.

Find time to exercise, whether through sports, a walk or a workout—that time is worth every minute to keep you healthy and often clears your mind.  My favorite source of exercise is the Wellness Center—a wonderful place available to you as well.  Stay healthy!

Advice piece #4:  Planner  A planner helps you organize your work, assignments, and activities—ultimately it makes life easier and focused.  But also consider, what are your future plans?  What are your dreams, goals, ambitions?  As you organize your daily life, keep your goals and dreams in mind as well.  Every day of your college experience is really a mini-milestone focused on the achievement of those goals.

Finally, #5:  Family and friends:  As you enter this new phase of independence in your life, keep in touch regularly with family and friends.  Be sure to include them in your daily life; they are your wonderful supports!

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