Franciscan Convent’s Wisdom Flows Through More Than Pipes

Paul Keggington

February 09, 2014

New is not always better. Some Sister Water challenges in our Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity Motherhouse led our skilled maintenance men to do some trouble-shooting. What they found out was rather refreshing.

Rich Hartman points to original pipe being used to today for Motherhouse hot waterAn original pipe (that’s pretty old considering our home was rebuilt and pieced together many times after a fire in 1881 to fill the needs of a growing community), was the better choice for today’s need of re-routing our hot water flowing throughout our Motherhouse maze of floors and rooms. Why? High pressures command greater thicknesses. This thicker-walled pipe offered greater durability and high pressure elasticity.

Now if an old pipe is the proven best choice for a future full of flowing Franciscan convent pipe with band aide next to longer enduring pipestreams, how much more a choice for a community built on the lives of many Sisters whose rich-thick history of creativity and compassionate-care makes good sense. Talk about years of discernment that breathes through our current members that led to decisions in varied situations and environments. If you are the kind of young woman looking for a time-tested dream, we invite you to come wash in warm waters of refreshment and walk with us  in our Gospel life of joy.

Franciscan Sisters walk in liturgical procession

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