NMU Spring Break Includes Franciscan Sisters Motherhouse Stop

Paul Keggington

March 05, 2014

Being @ 60 miles from ‘Fr. Carr’s Place 2 Be’ has its own Franciscan perks. Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity had visitors from Northern Michigan University, Marquette, MI volunteering for a week of service in this Oshkosh Catholic haven to the poor,  stop by in Manitowoc, WI. We were happy to be part of the students’ spring break experiences.

Crucifix associated with  Blessed John Paul IIAfter welcoming our guests to eat with us, we offered the young women more touring time around our home highlighting the stations of Sister Victoria with the fast approaching season of Lent. (There was also time for a quick game of Turbo Zahtzee.)  Our chaplains, Friars of the Assumption of the BVM Province, welcomed the young men for some hearty conversation at the friary.

At night prayer in St. Francis Chapel before connecting one more time to gps for the drive back to Oshkosh, pilgrims received a crucifix often associated with Blessed John Paul in anticipation of his canonization April 27. It came with a prayer of blessing in all that God is calling each one to be now and in the future.


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