Franciscan WRAP Up of UW Oshkosh Newman Center Busy Student Retreat

Paul Keggington

March 14, 2014

As a Franciscan Sister hanging out at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh Newman Center for a Busy Student Retreat March 9-13, 2014, one easily breathed in the Spirit of this place and its people. Here’s 4 pillars that this dynamic Church is built on:

  1. PEOPLE are first. When dreaming of a larger chapel, grow your weekly attendees. How? Pray about 2 people you would like to invite and then look for Father Jason Blahnik and Busy Students at UW Oshkosh Newman Center Eucharistthe opportunity to do it. St. Francis would like this approach. After beginning his own construction project, he, too, learned that people are the real bricks of building Church and buildings are built stone by stone.
  2. SUPPORT is important in growing in faith. Here support is found in peer relationships, but Holly,  Angela and Father Jason are also very open to serving and sharing spiritual, professional as well as practical personal tips. Talk about free quality advice in a healing, holy environment.
  3. JOY is contagious. Who wouldn’t want to hang around a place where laugher is heard, spontaneous piano music is encouraged, a microwave beep often blends into background noise, a cookie lady anonymously leaves a sweet gift and a smile presides in every liturgical moment?
  4. WRAP(Write, Reflect, Apply, Pray) is foundational to how Campus Minister Father Jason Blahnik leads this local Church. Lectio Divina was encouraged with each retreatant on selected passages. It was also the basis of a Tuesday afternoon chapel time slot. And it was part of the Women’s (and I would guess Men’s) Time Out on Monday night. Scripture leads to thoughtful action.

St. Francis of Assisi would make this place a regular hangout.

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