How Franciscan Sisters Were Present at Abbey Youth Fest, Covington, LA

Paul Keggington

March 29, 2014

Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity Sister Annette Kurey,  Sister Kathleen Murphy and Sister Mary Ann Tupy share photos and comments on their first Abbey Youth Fest, Covington, LA.

March 22, 2014 was the 14th annual Abbey Youth Fest in Covington, LA. The large open Franciscan Sisters present at Abbey Youth Fest Covington, LAfield would soon come alive with 4500 youth. Our booth was readied and now time for some fun! One final check!

Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity met someone they knew at Abbey Youth Fest, Covington, LA10:00–the gates open. Teens race in with tarps to lay and tents were raised. Our Franciscan trio began the nonstop distribution of Tau crosses accompanied by an explanation of the cross and St. Francis’ call to “Go rebuild My Church”.  The day was packed with various witness talks, praise music, and chanted Evening Prayer.  During the course of events priests were available and heard over 800 confessions.

The highlight of the day  was a Mass celebrated by Archbishop Gregory Aymond along with an impressive number of priests. At the end of the liturgy the Archbishop did a “Vocation Call”.  All seminarians, postulants, novices as well as all who felt they might be called to a religious vocation came forward for a blessing.   This day themed ” Made For Greatness” closed in a truly great way with Adoration and a burst of fireworks. 

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