Where Do You Find the Franciscan Sisters: Paul Finley Concert

Paul Keggington

August 11, 2014

Ever watched a musician who is a band all onto himself playing just one instrument? Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity were awed seeing Austin solist Paul Finley’s two-handed guitar playing that imitated keyboard and drum-like melodies as well as created fast-fingered beautiful string sounds.He performed a special performance in his homeland of Waukesha, WI on August 9, 2014.

Paul-FinleyProgram also included a Finley-made one of kind string instrument and reflective native flute tones.

We consider Paul a friend. We have featured some of his exquisite original scores on our Franciscanized World Blog. He also was part of a unique collaboration of the Franciscana Costa collective, musicians from the United States, Brazil and Latin America who created “Open The Door” (Abrir a Porta) for us as one of our featured songs of the month for the Year of Faith. Click here to hear that upbeat, joyful song.  

Paul Finley performs in Waukesha WIPaul has performed for many years in Austin as a soloist, a theater musician, a children’s performer, and with an Austin Celtic and Cajun band (Glenn Glaz/Bayou Beaujolais), and has performed with the Austin Symphony Orchestra and Phil Keaggy. You can also find him backing up artists Gina ChavezTodd GarzaAnyah DishonDave Thies, and Daniel Makins live and in the studio.

He currently teaches at  One Day Academy and offers private lessons. Click here to learn more about his recent June tour in the southwest.

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