Our Franciscan Monarch Nursery Report

Paul Keggington

August 13, 2014

Franciscan Sister of Christian Charity Sister Caritas Strodthoff opens a monarch nursery every year. (The nursery is a recycled fish tank. It works!)

Transferring to new milkweed

Some of our newest babies  include Bessie Sue, Tootsie Rose, Hallie Mary, Heinrich John and Beautiful Winger.Fish tank Home


Millie Louise hatched and is shown here hanging in a  chrysalis. She’s the one in the form of a “J”. Notice all the different stages in one photo. Quite a bit of life-giving action on the top of the screen!

Hanging crysalis

In two weeks she’ll come out as a monarch!! That’s the picture of the chrysalis that’s now black. Looking closely you can can that butterfly is close to breaking out of the chrysalis.

crysalis The new butterfly is moved outside among the color of flowers.


Oh:  “To be able to love a butterfly, we must be able to care for a few caterpillars!

All happy caterpillars


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