How is Our Franciscan Rule a Model of Transformation

Paul Keggington

August 24, 2014

Francis looked to the Gospel as his rule of life. He became a changed person. Today, we too, look to be transformed Practically speaking, how does this happen?

Franciscan Consecrated Life begins in Community PrayerFor us, Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity,  we take time to focus on our spiritual documents. Each month we gather to prayerfully read aloud in common a section from our Constitution and Directory. It is amazing what a difference hearing these words proclaimed does for the soul. We also do the same thing with our Rule of the Third Order of St. Francis.

In addition, we discuss how one of the Sunday Gospels and especially our Constitutions’ spiritual document inspires us to live our core values as women living Consecrated Life today. Talk about relevant conversation.

Further, there is an invitation to share some readings and ideas around the theme of Consecrated Life from various sources including Church Documents and writings of Pope Francis. Our Franciscan life is alive between the lines of other sources.

Transformation happens as we realize the power of Love and find God in our world each day. Read more how one convent of Sisters begins a new year in community. Looking for a song that encourages transformation? Click here. Franciscan Rule and Costitutions and Directory

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