A Special Organic Franciscan Gift

Sister JulieAnn Sheahan

January 17, 2015

St. Francis and St. Clare would love our recent gift from St. Francis of Assisi Youth Ministry and Edge Program Coordinator Brittany Wilms and girls. Imagine our surprise to receive 12 very aromic varieties of organic tea! Franciscan Sisters couldn’t help but smile and toast!

Franciscan Sisters receive teas for gift

Along with more popular varieties of English Breakfast and Fresh Mint, can’t you picture Assisi saints enjoying the taste of Rosehip with hibiscus flowers and fruit extracts having a high vitamin C content. Among other choices are Linden Leaf having a delicious, honey-like aroma. Plentiful anti-oxidants could help soothe headaches, encouraging relaxation and sleep.

We are planning a tea soon with our young friends. We have plenty of packets to share!St. Francis would love organic tea

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