Franciscan Sisters Free Song: Lead Me to the River by Mags Wang

Sister JulieAnn Sheahan

June 01, 2015

As we ask the Lord to take pity on us in our daily lives, Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity offer free download Lead Me to the River by Mags Wang. A finalist in the John Lennon Songwriting Contest, St. Francis would find great comfort in this song that pleads for true conversion of self so we can be called to be blessed in the graces of being our best selves.

Everyone relates to someone in the Bible, and this “someone” can change depending on where we find ourselves in our life journey. While at times, I relate to the little children running to Jesus in childlike abandonment, more often than not, life can feel like a never ending journey as a blind man waiting for the waters to be stirred so that I may be free of my sufferings, my doubts, and my frailty.

While in the verses of “Lead Me To The River”, I give my testimony of the life-struggles that blind me from peace of mind and heart, the chorus is a prayer to the Lord. And this prayer asks nothing more than for the Lord to take pity on me, as He did with the blind man in John 9, and to lead me to the river of Life – with me, in spite of me, and for love of me.

-Mags Wang

About Mags

Maggie WangMags is a 20 year old Canadian jazz-contemporary pop singer, songwriter and faith speaker from a small farm community in Ontario, Canada, and is the 3rd oldest child of a family with 9 children. Clinically diagnosed with depressive and anxiety disorders. Mags views singing and song-writing not only as a talent but as an opportunity to inspire and encourage others to seek God through suffering and pain even when He feels farthest away.

Currently, at age 20, Mags is a 2x nominee at the Canadian Gospel Music Association awards and songwriter finalist in the international John Lennon Songwriting International Competition and a Canadian speaker. Read more her career that began at age 13.

Mags kick started 2014 in Florida by winning the American Idol Experience competition. Her newest album, When I Fall in Love, a live-off-the-floor Jazz record with classics and originals. It is the first music album ever recorded in both 3D visual and binoral sound, tailored specifically for the up-and-coming gaming device, the Occulus Rift, but also available in standard 2D visual and sound (standard mp3 format). Read more.


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