Franciscan Sisters Meet Second Grade Pen Pals

June 03, 2015

Recently, Franciscan Sister Mary Frances Maher and other Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity enjoyed meeting their Holy Angels, West Bend, WI Pen Pals. Here’s an account of the story.

Ever since our Sisters were at San Damiano Convent in Slinger, WI, they have been Pen Pals with the second graders at Holy Angels School in West Bend.  The project was begun by Sister Maria Casetta.  She continued promoting it when the Sisters moved to St. Francis Convent.

Franciscan Sister Mary Frances and second grade pen pal

Since that time, Sister Elizabeth Ann Miller and Sister Mary Frances Maher have been coordinating St. Francis Convent and the Motherhouse Sisters to continue writing to the students.  Whereas, the students visited the Sisters at Slinger or vice versa, writing has been the essential communication these past years.  The students have been meeting their Sister Pen Pals at the end of the school year by visiting both Convents.  It was a joy to meet our Pen Pals. Some of their parents and grandparents came with them this year on the bus ride.

Franciscan Sisters and West Bend Second Graders

The children especially liked the long hallways and the echoing down the stairway at the Motherhouse.  Oh yes, the gong was rung as well.  After a tour at the Motherhouse and meeting their Pen Pals, the bus took them to St. Francis Convent where they enjoyed their bag lunch in the Grand Lounge, followed by an ice cream treat.  When all were ready, a short tour of SFC was given and all too soon, it was time to go.

Franciscan Sisters and West Bend Second Graders2

We were blessed to be able to write these boys and girls all of these years.  Hopefully, they will have good memories of us as well.  We are also grateful for their teacher, Mrs. Bishop and Mrs. Nowack, Assistant, who helped us to stay in touch with the students.

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