Franciscan 2016 New Year Song: It Opens by Craig Bickhardt

Sister JulieAnn Sheahan

January 01, 2016

This January 2016 Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity invite you to listen to  a stream of It Opens by Craig Bickhardt. Fittingly, Pope Francis not only calls us to begin a Year of Mercy, but invites us to open the doors of our hearts to God’s abundant love.

About the Song ‘It Opens’

Cathedral Door of FaithThe wonderful thing about songs, if they are written with some integrity and a bit of poetry, is that they invite interpretation. A song is a doorway that doesn’t look like a door. What it opens to is up to you.

Many things are doorways in disguise. Sometimes you hit an obstacle and wonder “How did I end up here?” You get no answers until you realize that what’s stopping you is only the hard residue around your heart. It turns out to be composed of doubts and fears mixed with some inertia you’ve acquired out of bad habit. One day, perhaps because you have nothing to lose, you shoulder up against that resistance, push hard and it gives way so easily you’re stunned.

In our own way we learn that the unexpected and the unanticipated are usually good things. Nothing is locked to us as long as we have the will to act, a little faith and an accepting heart. Doors are mysteries, provocative and irresistible. But fables and fairy tales aside, there are no dragons behind them anymore. It’s usually quite safe to walk through.

– Craig Bickhardt, Glen Mills PA.

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