Discerning Your Call After College – Franciscan Sisters Feature Sam Brenner’s “When Your Heart Breaks Through”

Sister JulieAnn Sheahan

May 01, 2016

Discernment calls big time after graduation. Franciscan Sisters collaborate with Sam Brenner to offer you a free graduation gift of When Your Heart Breaks Through. Listen and breathe in peace. Be open to the moment.St.-Francis-at-peace-with-all-of-creation

Like St. Francis, we invite you to be sensitive to the music and lyrics of a troubadour. Look around you and see the wonder of all the people, places and things that are part of your life. (Photo: St. Francis Chapel stained glass window at Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity Motherhouse, Manitowoc, WI)

I’ve always been fascinated by healing and reinvention—the ability to start somewhere, be someone, fail, learn, grow and come out of it a better version of yourself. “When Your Heart Breaks Through” is really about self-improvement and the maturation process. All of us experience challenges in various forms. But I believe our hearts and spirits were made to be resilient. If you listen to your heart and stay true to yourself, you have the ability to get through just about anything. 

-Sam Brenner

Enjoy a free song. Right click on this link and save the target as a mp3: When Your Heart Breaks Through

About Sam Brenner

Sam Brenner featured by Franciscan SistersSam is a singer/songwriter. He’s been pretending to play to sold out crowds since he was a little kid. When Sam was 12, his parents bought him his first guitar—an acoustic Yamaha FD01S. That gift was enough to fuel a big dream. Between 2011 and 2013, Sam pursued that dream with fervor and started playing his music in clubs, coffeehouses and colleges all around the country. Thousands of miles, hundreds of shows, dozens of broken guitar strings and two albums later, Sam decided music will always be a part of his life but it didn’t need to be his full-time gig. It was time to bring his talents back to the business world.

Sam has learned a lot at every twist and turn in the road. Every unique experience has helped shape him into the pro that he is today.

Site Link: http://www.sambrenner.com/here-at-home/

Videos: http://www.sambrenner.com/videos/

Live Performance of the Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7kfMrMJutPI (House Concert Footage)

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