Why Postulant Assists with Crowning of Mary Statue

Sister JulieAnn Sheahan

May 07, 2016

During a recent prayer service, Franciscan Postulant Mary Bettag and Sister St. Agnes Stuttgen assisted with the crowning of  a statue of the Blessed Mother with a wreath of flowers. Why perform this May ritual?

The celebration of Mary’s Month is a great time to share and pass on our feelings for Christ’s Mother. Our Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity Constitutions explain this spirit of devotion further.

Postulant-Mary-crowns-statue-of-Mary“We look to Mary who, as a handmaid of the Lord, devoted her life totally to the person and work of her Son. Through our faith, love and obedience we freely cooperate with God as she did. We echo today the active love she showed at Nazareth, in the home of Elizabeth, at Cana, and on Calvary. We identify with her as she and disciples implore her Son to send the gifts of the Holy Spirit to animate the Church. With the Church we have frequent recourse to her that through our apostolic efforts Christ may be born and increase in the hearts of all persons.” (Chapter V, G)Postulant-Mary-and-Sister-St.-Agnes-crown-statue-of-Mary

Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us!

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