Franciscan Sister Assists in Spirit of the Rivers Project

Sister JulieAnn Sheahan

January 11, 2017

Franciscan Sister Mariella Erdmann assists Skip Wallen with the Spirit of the Rivers project in the Manitowoc, Two Rivers, WI area.

Imagine my excitement to work with Skip Wallen for a day in his studio in Manitowoc.  Skip is commissioned to do three Native American figures for the Spirit of the Rivers project in the Manitowoc/Two Rivers area.  These figures will be placed along the lake shore.  Skip is a native of Manitowoc and so it is fitting to ask such an accomplished artist from Manitowoc.franciscan-sister-mariella-erdmann-and-skip-wallen-mariners-trail-project

Skip, a friend from my years of reaching out to the community while an art professor at Silver Lake College of the Holy Family, invited me to experience first-hand the steps in preparing the sculptures for casting.  He has been working on these for several years now and is coming to the refining stages with the clay.  The sculptures will soon be cut apart and molds made in preparation for casting in bronze. 

Needless to say, I am grateful and enthused to be asked to help with some of the finishing and to be shown some of the steps.  My part was very miniscule, but it was such an honor to work with such a great sculptor and such a humble man.  franciscan-sister-mariella-erdmann-and-skip-wallen-mariners-trail-project-2

We all can look forward to these pieces being installed in the area.  What a treasure. 

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