Franciscan Sister Directs Classical School Faculty Retreat

Sister JulieAnn Sheahan

January 30, 2017

Franciscan Sisters Antonice Lauer and Marsaia Kaster visited St. Francis de Sales (Classical) Catholic Elementary School in Manistique, MI on Jan. 19 and 20, 2017. Sister Marsaia shares her experience.

Last year, I  led the faculty-staff at St. Francis de Sales (Classical) Catholic Elementary School in Manistique, MI in a one day retreat on “Models for Ministry”. Months afterwards, Melissa Wood, the principal (and first grade teacher), asked me to come and stay two days for a retreat, 4 hours each of two afternoons in January 2017. The theme was ” Love,  Meaning and  Marriage-a Conversation.Franciscan Sister Marsaia and Sister Antonice St. Francis Xavier Manistique MI faculty

Retreat presentations focused on the complementarity and genius of man and woman; family and the gift of children; the needs and rights of children; cultural challenges and the “Joy of Love”. I greatly appreciated the “conversation” which came from the reflections of the teachers.Franciscan Sister Antonice and St. Francis Xavier junior high

Sister Antonice had worked as liturgical musician and teacher in Manistique from 1984 to 1990. So she was happy to accompany Sister Marsaia for the two day excursion back to Michigan. One of the teachers at St. Francis had been taught by Sister Antonice years ago.Franciscan Sister Antonice and St. Francis Xavier Children Manistique MI

On the second day of our visit, we arrived while the children were still in their classrooms. It was a delight for us to visit all the classrooms (accidentally missing 2nd grade-so sorry!) Children sang, recited poetry, told us their hopes for the future. One grade had enacted an “inauguration”  of the new president that morning of Jan. 19th. complete  with secret service men, dark glasses, and new president in a suit coat, white shirt and tie. We reciprocated their performances with poetry, songs, questions and picture taking.Franciscan Sister Antonice and St. Francis Xavier Children

What a delight to be at St. Francis where so many of our Sisters had taught for so many years and to walk where some of our Sisters had grown  up.God is good to us!

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