Free Franciscan Sister Vocation Activity Book

Sister JulieAnn Sheahan

May 28, 2017

Franciscan Sister Martinella Janz created a Franciscan Sister Vocation Activity Book to share with primary teachers for their students. It answers two questions: Sisters, who are they? What do they do? It is easily printed on 4 pages back to back.

The text includes a simple glossary of terms e.g. Sisters, Family and Convent. In addition to sharing information about Sisters, students are encouraged to reflect on questions like: What are you good at? What do you like doing? Who do you pray for?

One Catholic School teacher in the Platteville, WI area recently sent this message after sharing the book with her students.

“We loved doing the books today! All the girls were asking me how you become a Sister and how you know if that’s what God wants you to do. And the boys were all wanting to know if there was something cool like that they could do They also wanted me to ask you if you would pray for them. They thought that would be so cool. Yay! I was showing them pictures of the convent and the Mississippi school and the Sisters there today, too! They loved it!”

Download a pdf file of the activity book. Click here: Franciscan Sisters Coloring Book by Sister Martinella Janz. Comments are ever welcome.

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